Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labour Day

today was labour day.. its holiday too.... sleep sleep n sleep... suddenly mom wake me up... She say wan go shopping... I was wondering, why today ? Today public holiday leh.... sure traffic very jam de.. haihz... Went to Jusco Bkt Tinggi... First time went there.. hmm..biggest Jusco in South-East Asia... Imagine you have to walk around de shopping complex thats bigger than 1 Utama or maybe Mid Valley for 5 hours... Have lunch at the windmill Restaurant... mmm..the escargot taste yummy..... After shopping, decided to go for haircut in Subang Jaya.. Drive all the way long to Subang Jaya but so du lan because the hair saloon was closed due to public holiday... haihz.. sienz...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


today is yet another boring day. It do rains a little in the morning. The cooling weather encourages sleeping.. Wake up as usual. Prepare myself to school.... It feels cool in the morning on the way to school on my bike.Reach school normally.. Study as usual... Something makes me angry today. My hair got blacklisted by school prefect because its kinda long. An indian prefect say he gives me warning on my hair. " Sebelum hari Jumaat ini, kamu kena potong rambut tahu, kalau tak potong, saya akan suruh cikgu potongkan "..That is what he said... .. Hate school prefects a lot... My hair wasn't very long... Just slightly longer... Today was a little bit more tired than usual... Fall asleep in the afternoon. Once i wake up from my sleep...OMG, its already 8pm. Haihz.... tired.... Exam is coming soon... But my preparation was like normal.. not much preparation done... I think that she is still avoiding me.... ... ... ...... ......

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i'm confused

hey there everyone.. Sorry cos its been ages since i last updated my blog. Well, theres much ups and down in my life these few weeks.... Hoping everything will be fine. Today i broke a test-tube in Chemistry lab.. I think that she is avoiding me.... Arghh... i dun wan her to avoid me. Whenever she saw me, she will like turn back and use another way instead.. I dun wan this to happen.. Exam is coming soon... Everyone is " BUSY" preparing for their mid-year exam but, not me. I cant concentrate in my studies cos i kept thinking of her day and night. Should i tell her about that? Thats the big question marks in my mind. I'm scared that she will keep avoiding me whenever she see's me.. I'm cOnFUsEd!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Class Photo

guess wat..we have our class-photo shooting session today.. It started at like 8am. All of us were called to go down to the tapak perhimpunan to get our photo taken. When all of us there, it took the whole class like 10 minutes to get the first photo taken because the photographer were unhappy with our standing position. We keep on asked by him to switched our position again and again. Rush back home for lunch and a quick bath before rushing back to school for kelas tambahan.. After the kelas tambahan at 3pm.. Went for my Science n Maths activity.. We play Treasure Hunt today. We need to go on walking the whole school just to find a small piece of paper.. It somehow ended at 4.30pm with a little rain. Bored bored

Sunday, March 30, 2008

[Stupid Monday] was monday.. The same Monday with stupid assembly that took almost 1 and a half period listening to teachers grumbling... Today was a stupid day... I forgot to bring my necktie to school... Half way on the perhimpunan when the teacher is giving their speech, suddenly one of the indian prefect ask me to go out and stand beside the stage to get my punishment after the assembly... Stood at the corner for about 50 minutes standing straight hoping that the assembly to end faster.... Luckily, it onll took 1 and a half period compare to normal assembly that would took us almost 2 period.. Today was too a stupid day cos there's plenty of homework to finish before the dateline.... I need to do copy notes from the textbook from chapter 1 - 3.....Malay homework(KOMSAS) NEED TO FINISH ANSWERING 6 CERPEN QUESTION.....each CERPEN consists of 3 question....... Later 6.30pm to 8.30 got Malay tuition summore... I hate homework very much... . . . . . . . . . . . . Yawn yawn....Bored....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Saturday Skul day

Saturday school day was such a disgrace.. Almost no teacher enter our class..... Students that attend school today for my class is less than 10 people.. so sad... Play PJK for 4 period playing badminton, and basketball.. Bored bored.. should bring my iPod to skul today so that i will not bored to death..... boring day for me.. Gotta do revision soon... Buhbye..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy Day xD

Today was the busiest day that i ever experienced.. School time ends at 1.50pm... The bell rang and all the students were rushing out from the school back to home.. I was stuck in the middle of the crowd.. I need to go back home, take my sporting equipment, take a quick bath, and then rush back to school to attend my stupid lame SPM extra classes.. Rush like a mad guy cos i got only like less than 10 minutes to spare before im late for the classes.. Reach school like about 5 minutes late.. The additional maths class ends at 3pm..Rush to the dewan to attend Badminton club.. Need to shout a lot to gather fellow members to have their own attendence marked on a sheet of paper... Play a few friendly matches with some of the friends.. Finish at 4.30pm and went back home....